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The first half of my life eerily resembles the plot line of High School Musical 1


Basketball.  A father's expectations.  Song.  And even dance.

It taught me whether you’re playing ball or pitching ideas, you miss all the shots you don’t take.

So, that’s why, whenever given the chance, I will make fun of a baby. 

My Resume.

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VCU Brandcenter  |  M.S. Business, Copywriting  |  2023
College of Charleston |  B.A. Psychology  |  2019

Anomaly LA   Copywriter |  August 2023 - Present
Leo Burnett   Copywriting Intern  |  Summer 2022
OrthoVirginia |  Content Writer |  2020 - 2021


Shiny Things No One Cares About
Young Ones Portfolio   Shortlist
D&AD New Bloods |  Pencil


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