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Amazon Music

The Ask:

Make the Amazon Music platform more creator friendly, inspiring audio artists of all kinds to post more content.

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The Solution:

Rebrand Amazon Music not as a streaming platform but as a community where creators and consumers live and interact. Make Amazon Music a neighborhood.

Additional CW: Joe Kuhns

AD: Morgan MacLachlan

XD: Marshall Pittman

ST: Zack Ackerman

CBM: Nika Rahini

The Pitch

Rival streaming platforms haven't explored the creator to consumer all. 

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YouTube Music can be looked at as an audio theater.

Go in. Choose the product. Consume it. Leave.

Rather impersonal, ain't it.

Apple Music is more of an audio museum.

The content is a little better curated. A little more aesthetically pleasing.

But it's still just you starin' at other people's work... making assumptions about the creator's intent. 

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Amazon Music_Presentation_FINAL.005.jpeg

Lastly, we have Spotify (the one you're actually using...let's not kid ourselves).

Consumers interact with content AND other consumers. It's the local watering hole in this metaphor.

But still, the audio creator is nowhere to be found.

Rival platforms have left the door open for Amazon Music to give creator's more control over their content and to facilitate more relationships between all parties involved.

So, what can Amazon Music be to accomplish such a task?

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"Hello, neighbor!" 


as Mr. Rogers would say.

And the vision is to foster a neighborhood where...

Ahh, you can read it. It's all there.

Amazon Music_Presentation_FINAL.028.jpeg
Amazon Music_Presentation_FINAL.012.jpeg

On the "street level" of Amazon Music’s neighborhood, creator-owned shops exist.


Their hits are displayed on the mannequins in the windows.


Inside is a presentation of products curated in a format that both intrigues a fan and expresses the creators’ identity.

And like in many tangibly-real neighborhoods, the creators actually live just one floor above their shop.


The posters and artwork they love litter the walls. The records they have on repeat reverberate through the hallways.


It’s a place where creators can allow fans to peel back the curtain even further.

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Amazon Music_Presentation_FINAL.021.jpeg

In layman's terms:

What does it look like on your phone?

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